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Top mind blowing facts of Mayan Culture you must know

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Top mind blowing facts of Mayan Culture you must know

Top mind blowing facts of Mayan Culture you must know

Top mind-blowing facts of Mayan Culture you must know before you visit The Yucatan Peninsula and The Riviera Maya.

Tomorrow when you decide to travel to The Riviera Maya and Cancun you should know these facts about the Maya.

In fact, there are an estimated 7 million Maya still living in and around the Yucatan Peninsula

Mayan Medicine

Mayan medicine was quite advanced. They sutured wounds using human hair, filled teeth, and even made prosthesis

Some Mayans today still practice blood sacrifice. Don’t worry, though, human sacrifice is no longer practiced…chickens only.

Mayans used painkillers taken from their natural environment in both religious rituals (as hallucinogenic drugs) and medicine (as anesthetics)

Saunas and sweat baths played a huge role in Mayan culture. They believed that the saunas helped them relieve impurities

Once you travel to the Yucatan peninsula don’t forget to get a temazcal

Although the Mayan people live on today, the last self-governing Mayan state submitted to Spanish rule in 1697.

Ruins & Pyramids

The ruins and pyramids you always see in pictures are most likely those of Chichen Itza, one of the largest Mayan cities. It has just recently been bought by the government from a private owner

They have three calendars that work in cycles. One of them, the Haab, has a 365-day cycle just like the modern Gregorian calendar.

The Long Count calendar cycles roughly every 2,880,000 days and was said to reset in 2012., this led to the doomsday prophecies.

Outside of the Babylonian systems, the Mayans were perhaps the first civilization to explicitly use the number 0 as a placeholder. Indian mathematicians later became the first to use it as a mathematical value in computations.

Nobody knows how the Mayan Empire declined. Long before the Spanish came many of the great cities had already been long abandoned and lay in ruins.

Scholars have hypothesized reasons ranging from drought and famine to overpopulation and climate change.

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