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Birdwatching Cozumel Island Mexico

Birdwatching Cozumel Island Mexico, not many people realize that Cozumel Island is a great spot for bird watching in The Yucatan Peninsula.

When is this tour available?

  • All year round any day 24/7.
  • This is a half-day tour but we can do multiple days by request.

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Top Birdwatching Cancun TripAdvisor Reviews

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Great bird watching morning

We had a lovely morning watching birds with our Guide Carlos. He brought two extra binoculars for us and really good sandwiches and soda. Allthough we are total greenhorns in birdwatching he took his time and showed us all the birds patiently. He knew them all by name and immediately. We saw about 50 different lovely birds.

tripadvisor review birdwatching cancun mexico

Great Birding Experience!

Everything planned was well executed and incredibly enjoyable. Anyone who enjoys bird watching, from the beginner to the expert would find this to be a highlight to their vacation. Jose was our guide. He picked us up at the hotel and took us to several locations to scout out possible endemic and/or rare species.

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Where is the birding spot located?

The tour main birding location in Cozumel island is:

  • At The Cedral.
  • About 15 minutes from Cozumel island downtown.

This tour is also ideal for cruise shippers:

  • Pickup from any cruise port to The Cedral.
  • 15 minutes from Punta Langosta.
  • 10 minutes from Puerta Maya.
  • 10 minutes form SSA Mexico.

Along with our knowledgeable birding guide, you will experience a unique birding tour in the middle of the Mayan jungle, hiking to secret places to observe a wide variety of different bird species of the area.

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Every year thousands of migratory birds arrive at the Yucatan Peninsula and in addition to the marvelous endemic species of the area.

Your private guide will show you the best spots to catch a glimpse of these birds close El Cedral, as well as give explanations about the jungle and its unique flora and fauna.

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This is a short list of 16 potential birds you can see in this tour (depends on the season)

  • Patagioenas_leucocephala
  • Columba_livia
  • Streptopelia_decaocto
  • Zenaida_asiatica
  • Columbina_talpacoti
  • Leptotila_verreauxi
  • Amazona_albifrons
  • Coccyzus_americanus
  • Crotophaga_sulcirostris
  • Crotophaga_ani
  • Chordeiles_acutipennis
  • Melanerpes_pygmaeus_pygmaeus
  • Sphyrapicus_varius
  • Megaceryle_alcyon
  • Chlorostilbon_forficatus
  • Anthracothorax_prevostii
  • Hirundo_rustica
  • Tachycineta_albilinea
  • Camptostoma_imberbe
  • Elaenia_martinica
  • Myiarchus_yucatanensis_layon
  • Contopus_virens
  • Myiarchus_tyrannulus
  • Tyrannus_melancholicus
  • Pitangus_sulphuratus
  • Crax_rubra_griscomi
  • Vireo_griseus
  • Vireo_magister
  • Cyclarhis_gujanensis_insularis
  • Vireo_bairdi
  • Setophaga_americana
  • Setophaga_petechia
  • Setophaga_petechia_rufivertex
  • Setophaga_magnolia
  • Setophaga_tigrina
  • Setophaga_caerulescens
  • Setophaga_dominica
  • Setophaga_virens
  • Setophaga_ruticilla
  • Setophaga_palmarum
  • Mniotilta_varia
  • Protonotaria_citrea
  • Seiurus_aurocapilla
  • Parkesia_noveboracensis
  • Setophaga_citrina
  • Geothlypis_trichas
  • Troglodytes_aedon_beani
  • Polioptila_caerulea_cozumelae
  • Dumetella_carolinensis
  • Melanoptila_glabrirostris_cozumelae
  • Mimus_gilvus
  • Spindalis_zena_benedecti
  • Coereba_flaveola_caboti
  • Tianis_olivaceus_intermedia
  • Piranga_rubra
  • Cardinalis_cardinalis_saturatus
  • Pheucticus_ludovicianus
  • Passerina_ciris
  • Passerina_cyanea
  • Quiscalus_mexicanus
  • Icterus_cucullatus
  • Cathartes_aura
  • Pandion_haliaetus_ridgwayi
  • Egretta_rufescens
  • Egretta_thula
  • Egretta_caerulea
  • Egretta_tricolor
  • Cochlearius_cochlearius
  • Eudocimus_albus
  • Platalea_ajaja
  • Phoenicopterus_ruber
  • Porzana_carolina
  • Rallus_crepitans
  • Gallinula_galeata
  • Fulica_americana

This tour is available all year round.

  • Groupal rates for private tour service.

    Minimum of 2 pax per reservation.

    • 1 pax $ 165 USD (Minimum per booking 2 pax)


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    If you have more than 6 pax or looking for more than 1 day birding in the area please contact us we can provide the best deal for you.


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