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bird watching growing opportunity for local ecotourism industry

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bird watching growing opportunity for local ecotourism industry

Bird Watching Cancun Mexico

Bird watching growing opportunity for local ecotourism industry in Latin America that needs to be considered for all local business.
Bird watching growing opportunity for local ecotourism industry

Bird-watching, a popular hobby around the world, can present significant economic opportunities for countries through sustainable tourism, The  UNEP(United Nations environment Programme) said today, stressing that States should increase efforts to support this growing industry.

“Birding plays a significant and growing part in the tourism industry, and creates direct and indirect economic benefits for many countries and communities, also amongst developing countries,”

In Scotland, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds found that last year, between $8-12 million is spent annually by tourists wishing to see White-tailed Eagles on the Isle of Mull alone, and that four per cent of jobs in Scotland are associated with wildlife tourism.

In birding terms México is a very rich country due to its geographical conditions and characteristics, we have a wide variety of climates, habitats and ecosystems which are the home to unique and again wide diversity of flora and fauna.

Mexico is considered as one of the 7 countries with Mega biological diversity occupying the first place in number of reptiles in the world, second place in number of land vertebrates, more than 30,000 of plants, as well as 1,040 different species of birds, of which 125 are endemic and approximately 400 can not be found in USA or Canada. Mexico has more species of birds than the USA and Canada combined.

Bird watching growing opportunity for local ecotourism industry in Yucatan and The Riviera Maya is already rolling here we  have amazing nature areas, hiking in the middle of the jungle, or taking a boat adventure on the coasts or mangroves, places full of endemic and migratory birds and other interesting wildlife.

Bird watching growing opportunity for local ecotourism industry

Here we have a short list of species you can:

  • Orange Oriole / Icterus auratus Endemic
  • Rose-throated Tanager / Piranga roseogularis / Endemic
  • Yucatan Jay / Cyanocorax yucatanicus Endemic
  • Yellow-lored Parrot / Amazona xantholora Endemic
  • White-bellied Emerald / Amazilia candida
  • Ruddy Ground-Dove / Columbina talpacoti
  • Vaux’s Swift / Chaetura vauxi
  • Cinnamon Hummingbird / Amazilia rutile
  • White-fronted Parrot / Amazona albifrons
  • Greenish Elaenia / Myiopagis viridicata
  • Couch’s Kingbird / Tyrannus couchii
  • Green Jay / Cyanocorax yncas
  • Tropical Gnatcatcher / Polioptila plumbea
  • Clay-colored Thrush / Turdus grayi
  • Summer Tanager / Piranga rubra
  • Painted Bunting / Passerina ciris
  • Hooded Oriole / Icterus cucullatus

If you are interesting to get a birdwatching adventure please contact us to, we can offer you the best service and experienced local guides for birdwatching in Cancun and birdwatching in The Riviera Maya.

We have the best spots to observe endemic species in Cancun, we take a jungle hiking in the surrounding of Puerto Morelos a few mile from Cancun, and from The Riviera Maya we hike in Sian Ka’an Nature Biosphere.

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