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The Biggest Predator of Cancun

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The Biggest Predator of Cancun

The biggest Predator of Cancun

Receive tourist from all around the world to enjoy the amazing turquoise sea waters and white sand beaches.

Therefore, The Cancun Hotel zone is unique, located between The Mexican Caribbean and The Nichupte Lagoon.

But something that not many people know about Cancun is that the wildlife that surrounds the hotel zone is rich and amazing.

Place of thousands of hotel rooms all way Hotel Zone, However, immersed in the crocodile’s natural habitat.

The closer encounters with the biggest predator of the mangroves, in the past years, is increasing.

This because of the growing population of crocodiles, mainly because in Mexico is a protected species by the government.

There are many reports of tourist and locals who get a closer encounter with crocodiles near the lagoon.

There are two crocodile species. Firstly The Crocodylus Moreletti and secondly The Crocodylus Acutus.

The first one can reach a length of 3 meters and the second 5 meters.

Some spots of The Cancun hotel Zone has The Crocodile Sign Warnings to avoid swim in the lagoon.

Crocodiles are more active in late afternoon and night.

Walk over the hotel zone avenue or visiting some restaurants beside the lagoon will give you the opportunity to observe them.

However, as you saw in the video many tourists and locals are not respecting nature and limited only to observe them.

Doing a boat tour in the lagoon is a responsible way to get a closer look at these reptiles in its natural environment.

Refine your shooting skills, taking the best nature photos and enjoying the colorful sunsets of the Caribbean.

In conclusion a unique experience you must do if visit Cancun , Mexico.

Contact us, if you plan to visit Cancun don’t forget to visit the greatest predator with the local expert.

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