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Whale Shark Tour Cancun 2015 Permissions

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Whale Shark Tour Cancun 2015 Permissions


Whale Shark Tour Cancun 2015 Permissions

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Whale Shark Tour Cancun 2015 Permissions, May 20 of 2015 is the date for the beginning of legal tour operations for this activity in the Mexican Caribbean.

One of the objectives sought by federal agencies(SEMARNAT), especially with such permits is that communities become self-sustaining, so that over 90 % of the permissions that are delivered to fishermen cooperatives and inhabitants, and protect the natural environment during whale shark tours activities.

Whale sharks arrive every summer in the coastal of the YuctanPeninsula, between Contoy Island and Isla Mujeres, the number of whale sharks that arrive is growing year by year, that’s why is becoming a top tour activity from the main destinations of the area Cancun and Riviera Maya.

The permissions  regulate that the crew(sailors, captains, and guides) of each boat has the certifications to do safe tours and follow all procedures established by the government, to ensure the best experience for tourists and a safe environment for whale sharks at the same time during the activity.

According to the General Directorate of Wildlife, because of their eating habits, it is a species with a slow-motion close to the surface of the water, that feeds by filtering large quantities of water which retains a wide variety of plankton and nekton, which attracts thousands of tourists each year si swim beside them, and this activity is a 100% safe these sharks are completely harmless.

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