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Whale Shark Tour Holbox

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Whale Shark Tour Holbox

Whale shark tour holbox

Whale shark tour cancun 2018

Whale shark tour holbox

Whale Shark Tour Holbox

Whale Shark Tour Holbox

One of the most famous islands of The Yucatan Peninsula, because its characteristics of a small village  make this little island a great place to visit.

With a population of approximately 2000 people, mainly fishermen, this little island is ideal for relaxing days at the beach.

The sand streets and colorful houses make the environment unique, rather than largest destinations like Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Relax on the sandy beaches, enjoy a cocktail from many local bars right at the beach, take the sun, taste the delicious seafood, and admire the amazing sunsets that this island has to offer.

At night, there are many small bars and restaurants full of people from many countries, make new friends and enjoy the incredible skies full of stars that you can admire on this island.

Every summer from May to August Holbox adds a top-rated attraction The Whale Shark Tour, a unique opportunity to swim with the giant sharks of the world! The tour starts early morning,  by boat, you will be transferred to The Whale Shark Protected Area.

Consider that is a nature activity and the sightseen  of shark is not guaranteed,  many tour operators start running the tour early May but we recommend you to do it between first weeks of June and last two weeks of August for more chances to swim with them.

The tour is around 6 hours at the open sea, consider asking your doctor some medication or any method again seasick, check with your tour operator for weather details of your trip day and also any recommendation they can give you.

All tour operators use qualified boats with a partial ceiling, so brings a sunblock, try to use biodegradable sun block if not, put the sunblock at least 45 minutes before you jump into the water with the sharks.

This is important because the sharks are in the surface feeding on plankton, and if you jump into the water with tons of sunblock you will be contaminating their feeding area, so be responsible during this tour!

Holbox is not the only place where you can do The Whale Shark Tour if you are in Cancun, Isla Mujeres  or any place of The Riviera Maya you can do it, this tour is available also in a Private Whale Shark Tour ideal for small groups or families.


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